The 10 weirdest job titles


Think your job is weird? Chances are, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Here are some of the weirdest job titles and positions on the market today.

Chick Sexer – This professional is hired to determine the sex of baby chickens shortly after they’re born.

Animal Colorist – It’s not always enough for Hollywood to cast a mere dog. Sometimes the dog has to be jet black, or pure white, or any other specific shade. The animal colorist makes it happen.

Light Bender – No, this isn’t some kind of crazy sorcerer. The light bender creates professional neon lights, using 3000 degree flames to bend glass into the appropriate shapes.

Worm Picker – Fishermen need worms, and worm pickers supply them. They find or manage worm colonies, and then package the bait up for sale.

Professional Sleeper – The perfect job for someone who has trouble getting up for work. Professional sleepers work in research labs which study sleep. Some are also hired as mystery shoppers who evaluate hotels.

Dice Inspector – This job title is found at many casinos. The dice inspector ensures gambling dice are unweighted and unaltered. He’ll also be the one to alert his employers if there are any signs of cheating.

Professional Apologizer – This job is common in Japan. If you worked as a professional apologizer you’d go issue personal apologies to offended parties when your employer did not want to take care of that little detail in person. One might argue call-center customer service employees also perform this job every single day.

Professional Cuddler – Feeling unloved? A professional cuddler will hold and comfort you. In some countries cuddlers are freelancer, but in Japan they work in special “snuggle cafes.”

Breath Evaluator – There are actually people who work in gum and breath mint factories whose job it is to sniff the breath of various product testers. QA is a rough job, but somebody has to do it.

Bike Fisher – Wow, the bikes sure are biting today! Most bike fishers work in Amsterdam, and all joking aside there’s plenty of work for them, simply because people run their bikes into the canals on a regular basis.

Do you have the weirdest job title?

Many companies have jumped onto the fad of naming their event marketers “Ministers of Fun” and their accountants “Wizards of Finance” to glamorise these positions and to have some fun in the workplace. Digital marketers are especially guilty of this trend towards “cute or clever” job titles. There’s nothing wrong with holding a weird job title (or even the weirdest job title -yay number one), but make sure you use the boring old counterpart when it’s time to write your LinkedIn profile or brush up your resume, because once you get out of your current organisation, nobody will know what you’re talking about. Unless you really are a professional ninja, your resume can probably do well without it on there.

Of course, if you think you’ve got the weirdest job title, please feel free to use it and share in the comments below!

John Dietrich

John is the Digital Marketing Manager for Search Party responsible for implementing, tracking, and optimising marketing efforts in the digital space. He's a physics and psychology hobbyist with a strong belief of putting people first in business and life.

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