3 ways to find employees for your startup

Find employees for your startup
Finding employees can be difficult. Finding employees when you are a startup can seem daunting. With all the tasks entrepreneurs must take care of, thinking about adding creating a job description, reviewing resumes, and interviewing potential candidates, adding figuring out where to find employees to that list is overwhelming.

When you actually find employees that are great, it’s exciting (especially when it’s your first). But often the task can feel as though it’s pulling you away from “more important” business operations. And when you are the little guy, how can you even compete with guys like Apple, Google, or Facebook in getting the talent you need. Not to mention having no idea where to find employees.

These three tips can help you find employees for your startup.

1. Spend 20% of your time — at a minimum — recruiting.  Period.  Always.  Forever.

That may seem like a lot, but as Jason M. Lemkin points out, it forces you to take the time to do what’s needed. This doesn’t mean you have to spend all of this time looking for people. It means you have time to determine roles you need to fill and interview candidates. “For a CEO, recruiting great management is Job #1.”

2. Build a voice around your brand.

Culture is an important part of hiring the right people. Not only do they need to have skills, they need to fit in. A startup usually means working in close quarters so make sure the people who you are hiring fit your culture. This doesn’t mean you want a bunch of people who are exactly the same. If you build an inclusive culture for your company, you’ll foster a group whose ready to learn from each other. That means, when people with different views, beliefs, and ideas come in, your team will welcome them with open arms. Doing so can lead to really progressive thinking, something that can be vital to a small startup who will often need to pivot a few times before finding their groove.

Rob Finnick believes that sharing your voice through a blog and social media can:

  1. Help you get early customers
  2. Attract potential employees who are excited about your mission and vision

When people understand your brand because you’ve clearly promoted it to the world,

3. Work your network

You probably know some people. Get in touch with them. Reconnect with old contacts and find new ones through social media. Finding people who share your dream is important. Sumit Tiwari mentioned, “As early stage, you are not only looking for an employee but a team which can live your dream.”

In the early stages, of your startup, finding employees you can trust gives everyone a purpose. If you can assign tasks to people and trust it will get done in a way that fits your vision of the company, you’ll free up your time to focus on the other hundreds of pressing matters you’ll be facing!

Have you been part of a startup? How did you find employees? Share your stories in the comments below.

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Tips aggregated from a question originally published on Quora

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