6 ways recruiters are really a hiring manager’s best friend

Recruiters are a hiring managers best friend

Truth time — When some hiring managers find out that recruiters are involved in Search Party (they’re the ones who supply our 15 million+ vetted candidates), they don’t like it. Somewhere along the line, enough recruiters got a bad rep in the eyes of hiring managers for excessive cold calling and “salesy” behaviour, word spread and the damage was done. At Search Party, that frustrates us because not only are recruiters an essential part of our business model, but we also wholeheartedly believe that they are incredibly valuable in the hiring process.

Recruiters are trained pros who will help you hire better, especially in the context of Search Party. In fact, working with a recruiter should give any hiring manager comfort when filling a position. We’re so sure of it, we put together a list. Having eaten our own dog food, so to speak, we can vouch for every single point.

1. Recruiters are trained pros, ready for action and ready to save you time

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I’m not trained in interviewing or hiring. I’ve hired quite a few people at different roles and companies, with different processes over the years. I’ve learned by doing, but watching a recruiter interview (which we do as part of our user research) vs another non-pro-who-happens-to-be-a-hiring-manager is a whole different ballgame.

Just as I’m an expert in marketing, recruiters are experts in understanding people, companies and work cultures, asking the right questions, and flagging the right issues. They’re ready to jump into a hiring situation without needing to research or prep because this is literally what they do for a living. They know right away how to screen a sales candidate vs an engineer or an accountant.

At Search Party, recruiters are the first point of contact for a job. A hiring manager requests a profile from a recruiter and it’s the recruiter that does the initial screening. This saves the hiring manager a ton of effort because by the time they receive the full candidate profile, that person has been pre-screened. The result is that Search Party hiring mangers end up looking at fewer than 10 profiles (CVs/resumes) per job, vs 50+ when they use job boards (many more if it’s a popular role!).

2. Recruiters really know the candidates they represent

When you work with a recruiter, one of the first things the recruiter will ask you is what sort of culture your company has. It’s in their best interest, just as it is in yours, to get you the perfect candidate. That is, perfect in terms of skills and experience and cultural fit. Part of a recruiter’s job is to speak to the candidates they work with to understand what makes them tick. They verify their work experience, education and skills, but they also look at the “soft” aspects like the sort of work environment the candidate would thrive in, the company size and other factors that have nothing to do with them being able to perform a specific job.

At Search Party, when the recruiter does the initial screen for skills, they also double check that the company would be a fit for the candidate. If not, then the recruiter won’t waste your time with a candidate that probably wouldn’t be happy working with you.

3. Recruiters know a lot of people and will have a backup plan for you

At Search Party, every job begins with a hiring manager. The hiring manager searches by past job titles and skills, shortlists the people who meet their brief and then request full profiles for the folks they want to interview. Sometimes the candidate isn’t available or they don’t fit the work culture. It happens. What’s great about recruiters is that for every person that drops off the shortlist, they can suggest someone brilliant for the hiring manager to consider. That means the hiring manager doesn’t even have to think about searching again for more candidates (although they’re welcome to) – the recruiter will know right away if they have someone who does meet the brief 100%.

4. Recruiters have the right relationship to “sell” the role to the candidate

In a traditional hiring model, a hiring manager will put up a job ad and wait for countless (mostly irrelevant) resumes or CVs to roll in. In theory, people applying for the role actually want the role so the issue isn’t their willingness to work – it’s sorting through stacks of paper and going insane from the sheer amount of pointless work that’s a problem, but I digress.

With Search Party, hiring managers find the candidates they want, resulting in just a short list of 5-10. It’s then over to the recruiter who represents the candidates that knows how to engage and excite the candidate. Now, that might sound a bit counter-intuitive. Isn’t the hiring manager the best person to convince someone to work for them? The reality is that not every company has a recognisable brand name and work culture like Google. Having a third party, the headhunter, call with the opportunity, screen the candidate for capability and objectively discuss fit for the role, results in a much higher chance of getting The Best candidates to the interview. More often than not these are people who are already happy in a role, and don’t need or want a new job. The golden passive candidates.

Every company has something unique to offer (just check out the profiles on JobAdvisor), but until you talk to the candidate, you won’t know if there’s a match. Guess who has talked to them and knows them, though, and also who’s best qualified to assess capability and fit? That’s right, the recruiter.

5. Recruiters take a lot of admin off your plate

Remember that time you were looking forward to making countless phone calls to schedule an interview? No? Didn’t think so. In addition to all the “easily recognisable as value-add” help recruiters provide hiring managers (see 1-4 above), recruiters take care of a lot of the admin and back and forth that you’d have to otherwise do. I’m sure there’s at least one of you reading this who absolutely thrives on admin, but for the rest of us, it’s not fun. I, for one, am thankful that at least when it comes to hiring, my admin is minimised thanks to recruiters.

6. Search Party <3 Recruiters!

We do. Because they’re awesome. They add value across the hiring process whether you’re a seasoned HR pro who doesn’t want to do all the work themselves or a department head who happens to hire for their team because your company doesn’t have a dedicated HR function (like me!). Recruiters may have gotten a bad rep in the past, but when they work with Search Party, they’re pretty freakin’ great. Try hiring through Search Party and find out for yourself.

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