August 2014 release notes: Recruiters

Dear Client,

As a business we’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of time. This release incorporates feedback from clients across Australia and the UK, and will make life quicker and easier for you.

However, we are working towards a paradigm-shifting, transformational change in the platform which will be ready in September. This will revolutionise the recruitment experience for Employers and Recruiters.

Thanks for your support.

Ben Hutt (CEO)

What’s happening

We launched the marketplace recently in the UK and are helping leading employers use the marketplace to benefit from the services of great recruiters representing 5 million candidates.

This year in Australia we have had more than $2 million in fees offered to recruiters by hundreds of leading employers and we’ve reduced the average time to placement to 12 days. This has provided a good hiring experience for candidates, and ensured that happy employers continue to use us to access the services of great recruiters.

We’ve been in private Beta since November and this has given us time to incorporate feedback from all parties involved in the hiring process. Our latest release incorporates this and makes using the platform super easy.

We’d like to be part your daily routine, allowing you to quickly and easily tap into the extra revenue that’s on offer.

Here’s how we’ve made keeping across your TSP candidate requests as easy as 10 minutes a day.

Easy tracking of what’s waiting on you

We’ve made it much easier to respond to requests and see what’s waiting on a response from you. Our employer feedback strongly indicates that rejecting an offer with a reason is better than ignoring it as they know you’re there and are much more likely to offer more favourable terms on future requests.

With the new vacancy views, you can see individual candidates that are waiting on you at the top of the list so you can action them quickly.

Tracking for Recruiters

2 steps to suggest additional candidates for recruiters!

We’ve done away with the publish, wait, approve, wait, suggest, send process of yesteryear and given you a quick way to preview what you’re going to send, then suggest the candidate on the spot. Roughly half of all placements are made based on suggested candidates so it’s really important you do this!

Suggesting Candidates for Recruiters

We’ve also added related candidate recommendations and you can even upload a CV directly from the suggest wizard which will import the candidate into your CRM, publish them and send the suggestion in one click!

Super simple inbox

The marketplace inbox has had a facelift so you can jump straight in, see your unread messages and click through to the candidate or job details page to respond. You can also reply with a message on the spot if you don’t need to action anything on the job.

Inbox for Recruiters

We’ve released our blog for the world to see and will be updating this regularly. In includes the more than 50 press articles and interviews, release notes, and articles from the team. Check it out to get to know us better at

Happy Hunting!

The Search Party Team

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Ben is the Chief Executive Officer of the The Search Party, responsible for our global operations and strategy. He's a marathon swimmer who swam the English Channel solo in July 2014. He's an Ambassador for Opportunity International Australia, a supporter of The Hunger Project and is passionate about ending world poverty.

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