Australian startup snapshot: The Search Party

According to Jamie Carlisle, Co-founder of The Search Party, the recruitment industry is ripe for innovation. View the Computer World article here.

In November 2013, Jamie launched The Search Party marketplace, an online marketplace for talent that seeks to positively disrupt the recruitment industry. The Search Party turned the recruitment process on its head, “The first thing you do is find a candidate you want, [and then choose] the recruiter, not the other way around,” said Carlisle. 

The platform gives employers access to millions of anonymised candidate profiles and connect with the recruiter who represents the candidate. So far, The Search Party has had about 100 employers on board including several large brands and over 2 million jobseekers’ profiles.





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Angela Tan

Angela is the Junior Product Manager at The Search Party and JobAdvisor. She also leads our partnerships program and is passionate about delivering value add services to all our partners.

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