Best new tech tools for recruiters – Updated for 2016

Best new tech tools for recruiters

UPDATED: May 26, 2016.
This post on tech tools has been updated with additional tools for 2016. Enjoy

Recruitment isn’t easy, but it’s nice to know there are people out there creating new tech tools to make it easier. Add a few of these tech gems to your bag of tricks to make recruiting easier, faster, and more cost-effective than ever before.

Software which combines applicant tracking features with customer relationship management features.

Tech tools like Zoho Recruit help you eliminate redundancy while maintaining an in-depth record of each and every interaction with a potential hire. It also means you won’t forget observations you’ve had about the recruit and can bring up relevant data at the touch of a button.

These software packages will usually capture resumes from your e-mail inbox and your website, so you won’t have to go looking in multiple locations. You can just open up the day’s fresh batch and get to work. You can even convert disparate resumes into standardised formats before sending them off to any clients you want to impress.

Social media snapshot tools.

It’s important to know how candidates are comporting themselves across the social media landscape. There are several tools which will allow you to do this at a glance.

Falcon lets you hover over a prospect’s name on any website and gain an immediate snapshot of their social media activities. Rapportive brings LinkedIn data right to your e-mail Inbox.

Mobile recruiting apps.

Mobile recruiting apps are getting far more powerful. Start by making sure candidates can use an app to apply for your open positions.

Then, see about apps which help you, personally. The Interview Assistant app, for example, will let you conduct, document, and manage interviews even if you’re sitting in a coffee shop with one of your candidates.

Outreach tools

After you found the candidates that could be a great match for the position, it’s time to contact them. In order to reach out to your ideal candidates and grab their attention while not being intrusive, you can use some helpful outreach tools.

Thus, communication solution Outreach, which was initially designed for sales people, will help you test and tweak your language accordingly. It allows you to integrate all channels and create the best pathway via emails and phone calls. TextMagic is a powerful text messaging tool that lets you send out personalised messages and schedule them for future follow-ups. What’s great, you can actually email to your candidates’ mobile phones: this tool will convert your email to SMS.

Video Tools

Video interviewing has become a popular recruitment method in today’s world of time shortage and remote opportunities. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of video solutions out there.

SparkHire offers its users the ability to organize all their interviews and get the insights from built-in analytics. You can also conduct one-way interviews when candidates are able to answer questions at the most convenient time for them.  A programmers-focused recruiting platform, HackerRank, is a lifesaver for technical recruiters. Their solution CodePair makes it possible to watch how the candidate codes in real time, and evaluate their competence and communication skills.

Automatic posting tools

Social networks have their day in the sun among recruiters: according to the Recruiter Nation Survey 2015, 74% of recruiters are leveraging social media to attract talent and 56% claim they find some of their best candidates via social media.

Undoubtedly, it makes sense to take advantage of social media management tools like Hootsuite or SocialOomph in order to save time you spend within social networks. Hootsuite will help you schedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You will see all the comments, mentions and replies in one place and anyone from your team can react. SocialOomph also offers great scheduling features; apart from that you may track keywords and create filters to select quality candidates to follow on Twitter.

Data driven tech tools.

Data mining and predictive analytics are taking the recruiting world by storm, and this trend hasn’t even hit its stride yet. Powerful algorithms can accomplish a great deal. Within a year or so, for example, LinkedIn plans to roll out a tool which evaluates your company culture, then evaluates whether a candidate is a great fit for the culture.

Of course, some tools are already here–like Search Party’s algorithm-driven tool which helps employers short list the candidates which seem to be a great fit for their needs. Where do those candidates come from? You, of course! You upload them to our system, and employers can’t access them until they talk to you, first. Once you’ve worked out a fee you can use a vetting interview to narrow the field even more, and then send the creme de la creme over. You’re happier, the employer is happier. Data makes the whole process easier and more cost effective. Try it, if you haven’t already! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is.

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