Recruiters – find out who’s “Ready to Move” in your candidate database

We’ve launched an exciting new feature for our recruiter customers – “Ready to Move.” Our data science team has looked at patterns of how different types of people change jobs, and they’ve come up with a way to flag who’s likely ready to want to move soon. We’ve then applied this privately to individual databases of our recruitment agency customers to help them see which candidates are likely to start looking for a new role.

Weekly “ready to move” emails for all recruiter customers

If you work for a recruitment agency and you already have an account on Search Party, you’ll receive weekly emails highlighting up to 5 individuals who we think may be ready for their next challenge. Since this feature is 100% data driven, it’s possible that some weeks there won’t be any candidates flagged at all, while other weeks you’ll see a full set of 5.


Love the idea? Want to make sure your suggestions are as accurate as possible? Make sure you upload new candidate CVs / resumes as you get them from candidates to ensure we have the freshest data and can therefore flag the right people for you. There’s no limit as to how many candidates you can upload to Search Party. Our tech can parse all common file formats, append new candidate profile information automatically, and deduplicate candidates for you.

What recruitment agencies can do with “ready to move” data

The primary purpose of the “ready to move” feature is to help recruiters optimise where they spend time in their businesses. Instead of guessing what candidates may be available for a role or waiting for them to contact the recruitment agency, recruiters now have a good idea as to who may be ready to start looking. “Ready to Move” allows recruiters to proactively reach out to their talent pool, in advance of potential roles coming up through the Search Party marketplace or through other channels.

With “Ready to Move” we’re giving recruiters who work with us an important insight into their candidate databases. Based on patterns we see across our entire 15 million CVs, we can point out which of their candidates are likely to start thinking about a new job soon. This means recruiters can focus on helping the right people at the right time, thereby strengthening the relationship for the candidate and the recruiter. It’s like Uber reducing the time between rides for its drivers, making them more profitable in the process. In recruitment, if you know which candidates to spend time with you’re much more effective and efficient in placing them in roles as they come up.

Best practices for recruitment agencies using “Ready to move”

Here’s how our most successful recruitment agencies leverage the “Ready to Move” weekly emails:

  • Reach out to any candidates flagged to confirm that they’re ready for their next career move.
  • Ask them for a new CV or resume and upload it to your Search Party account. We’ll automatically parse it and append their profile. (You can also just add their work experience directly in the platform.)
  • When employers see them in search results, they’ll see “Ready to Move” next to their listing, likely increasing their interest in the candidate.
  • If the candidate is requested by an employer, you’ll already know that they’re ready for a new job and you can reveal them sooner.
  • Regardless of whether the candidate ends up moving jobs, approaching them when flagged builds your relationship with them for a future opportunity.

Don’t have a recruitment agency account on Search Party? No problem. If you work for a recruitment agency in Australia, Canada or the UK, you can sign up now for your free account. In addition to “ready to move,” you’ll get other great benefits such as a free CRM built especially for recruiters, as well as inbound leads from Search Party marketplace.

Want to learn more first? Just fill out the demo form below and our staff will be in touch shortly.

Magda Walczak

Magda Walczak is the Chief Customer Officer at Search Party, the world's first marketplace that connects employers, recruiters and job seekers. She's a passionate supporter of animal rights and author of Saylor's Tale, a children's book promoting responsible pet ownership.

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