Corporate Wellness: How Health Impacts Productivity

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness is any workplace health promotional incentive or organisational policy designed to support healthy behaviour, both in the workplace and to overall improve health outcomes of all employees.

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Why is Corporate Wellness Important?

The link between health and productivity gives employers the power to get more out of workers by helping them be as healthy as possible. Supplying healthy snacks, encouraging physical activity, and hosting company lunches with healthy menus are all practices that can generate positive impacts and can boost staff morale as well. With snacks and company lunches, hunger also can be eliminated as a productivity-killing distraction. According to research, there is a strong correlation between being healthy and being productive at work. In fact engaging in just one unhealthy behaviour can lead to a decrease in productivity! For example an unhealthy diet has shown a 66% decrease in productivity to those who fill their plates with veggies and fruit.

Check out the accompanying infographic which provides a bit of context on how living a healthy lifestyle can impact productivity in the workplace. It measures the connection between health and productivity, along with handy tips on how to stay healthy at work. Believe it or not, these subtle changes to your every day routine can have huge benefits. Encouraging staff to adopt these methods shows there is genuine interest in employee’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. And if staff feel well looked after, they’re far less likely to leave!

Motivation and support are key factors in creating change which employee’s will stick to. Did you know it takes 6 weeks to form a habit? Ensure employees are sticking to health incentives by rewarding them after certain milestones and celebrating even the little wins. Often many health conscious companies partner with a local gyms and offer discounted memberships for all staff and there’s good reason for it. Employees are much more motivated and energised if they’re including 20-30 minutes of exercise into their daily routine and have a much more positive outlook.

Have you though about organising out of hours workplace activities for team building? Being able to have some fun outside of work hours is a great opportunity for team building method and involving newer staff to mix into the team.

It’s important to remember that a corporate wellness scheme is not a way of denouncing hard work, but rather the opposite. Providing care and genuine interest in employee’s wellbeing can dramatically improve the productivity of a workforce. This investment in people shows that taking care of each other will take care of business.

Credits to ZeroCater for providing such an insightful infographic on How Health Impacts Productivity.

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