Digital disruption about to impact Health, Education sectors

Deloitte’s latest insight paper, Harnessing the ‘bang’: Stories from the digital frontline highlights The Search Party as an example of a business riding the wave of digital disruption to transform the recruitment industry. View the CMO article here.

Ben Hutt, CEO of The Search Party says their business model is based on three strategic decisions:  To embrace cloud technology; recognise the importance of big data and machine learning; and use social for public and private networks. The Search Party views digital disruption as the way to enhance their offering and give customers a better experience. Ben comments further, “And it’s not just engaging with existing customers, it’s also how to secure new ones.


Angela Tan

Angela is the Junior Product Manager at The Search Party and JobAdvisor. She also leads our partnerships program and is passionate about delivering value add services to all our partners.

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