Digital disruption: creating positive change

Ben Hutt, CEO of The Search Party | June 25

The Search Party was recently profiled alongside Telstra in Deloitte’s digital disruption – short fuse, big bang report. I addressed a packed out media launch on June 19 and outlined how The Search Party is creating change for Australia’s 2.1bn recruitment industry.

During my talk I covered our experiences in creating positive disruption within the recruitment sector and the role technology has to play in creating bright futures for traditional businesses.

In our view, technology should not be seen as a threat to incumbent businesses but rather a better way to do business and increase profitability.

When we launched The Search Party we over-estimated the level of acceptance and readiness there was to try new ways of doing business among the recruitment industry. We found that often the people in the industry that you’re trying to help can be the hardest to convince.

Where we’ve had greatest success is partnering with innovative recruitment businesses that are keen to embrace new technologies to improve and evolve existing business practicing. So far, we’ve learnt there’s little to gain by trying to address sceptics who are unable to acknowledge the impact digital disruption is having on the recruitment industry and our economy as a whole.

Once organisations are on board with change it’s important that day-to-day midlevel managers are engaged as well as the c-suite. It can be hard to incentivise staff to adopt new processes and also monitor investment in new technology, as a result we often recommend creating a dedicated team and analysing digital revenues separately.

For us one of the most significant take-outs from The Deloitte report is that organisational change is critical if Australian’s $1.4 trillion economy is to remain competitive. Australia has long been the lucky country but that luck is fast running out. Professional services such as recruitment are at the forefront of this disruption and these industries need to embrace change now if they want to continue to remain productive and profitable.

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Ben is the Chief Executive Officer of the The Search Party, responsible for our global operations and strategy. He's a marathon swimmer who swam the English Channel solo in July 2014. He's an Ambassador for Opportunity International Australia, a supporter of The Hunger Project and is passionate about ending world poverty.

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