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Email marketing tips for recruiters - the email list

When you’re busy finding candidates to represent, it’s tough to keep in constant contact. Whether it’s gaining new candidates, engaging existing clients, or rekindling previous ones, you can use email marketing to keep your company top-of-mind for your entire list.

A keystone for any good email marketing plan is building a great list. Our tips below will look at how you can build, maintain, and optimise your email marketing list to get the best results.

Make sure you’re capturing every candidate.

You should have some method of capturing every candidate who visits your website. Usually, saying something like: “Get personalised job updates for the XYZ area” will be enough to secure some sign ups. This can be done through a sidebar widget on your blog, a dedicated area on your homepage, or you can use tools that remind a user before they leave your website to sign up. These are called exit intent pop-ups. You may even see one after your done reading this post!

Getting the sign ups is important, but it’s key to get the right information as well. Depending on what you plan on sending people who sign up, you’ll want to ensure you get what you need. But be careful, don’t make your sign up list so long you scare people off. Optimise your sign ups by:

  • Setting up a sign up form with the information you want.
  • Set up tracking in google analytics so you can see how many people are opening the sign up form but not completing it.
  • If the number of people who do not complete the sign up is high, try reducing the amount of information you ask for.

Continue to play around with the types and number of questions you ask until there is a high number of people who open the sign up form and complete it. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s also surprisingly fun (nerd alert, I know!) and you’ll get a better list to use.

Also, a big mistake is not adding candidates you meet offline to your lists. If you run into a candidate at a networking event or on the street, add that person’s address manually to your email marketing list. Just make sure you send an opt-in invitation so you comply with anti-spam laws.

Email marketing for recruiters - segmenting

Segment your list.

Let’s say you’re a creative recruiter who places copywriters, graphic designers, brand specialists and web designers. You want to make sure each of these candidate types only receives the job posts, industry news, or tips which are relevant to them. Fortunately, virtually all e-mail programs include tools to make this very easy, as long as you are putting the right information in. If you are following the steps above for building your list, this shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also segment by other factors like whether the candidate is a passive candidate or an active candidate which can help you decide on the frequency of job emails you should send. You can also segment as to whether the candidate is entry-level, middle management, or a senior executive which means you won’t be sending entry-level job information to a CEO.

Not only does segmenting show you understand your audience, it often leads to more opens and clicks (which is a good thing).

Send out more than job posts.

Job posts are great, but they don’t help you stand out from every other recruiter who is doing exactly the same thing. Getting strong engagement from your list means doing more than just providing potential jobs.

For maximum engagement, think about other kinds of useful content you could send out on a regular basis. This could include:

Candidates are more likely to open your emails and respond if you’re actively taking steps to ensure all of your communications are as useful, helpful, and relevant as possible. Remember, they can get email alerts from regular old job boards as well, so you need to make sure you’re offering a bit more.

Ask for updates.

It’s a good idea to send out periodic reminders to candidates which ask them to update their information. You can send a link where they can do so directly in your system. If you already use Search Party you can pass this information into our system to ensure your candidates are always showing up in relevant searches being done by our employers. Remember, if a candidate’s information isn’t accurate you’ll have a more difficult time placing him or her, so it’s a good idea to do this every six to twelve months. In addition, this gives the candidate an active way to engage with you and your recruiting business.

Do you use email marketing to stay in touch with your candidates? If so, what techniques do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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