Embrace these top tech tools to improve your HR performance

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Having the right tools in the right hands can be exponentially beneficial to a growing business. One of the most effective ways to improve your company’s HR department is to take full advantage of today’s most cutting edge tools. Modern techn has made it easier than ever for SMEs to do more with fewer people.

Social Media

The advent of social media has also meant some big improvements in how SMEs can tackle HR tasks. First, you can use it for finding job candidates. You can advertise open positions on Twitter and LinkedIn, and Facebook

Your company’s own social profiles can even be a source of marketing. The posts you make online set the tone for what your business and your people are like even before somebody applies to work there. 

When using social media for your human resources tasks, you can:

  • Post the actual job descriptions for the roles you are trying to fill.
  • Show off your company culture through photos of your employees taking part in fun activities.
  • Share positive reviews from customers. It helps show how other people see your company.
  • Ask employees to engage with your company profiles and share relevant and interesting articles.
  • Use LinkedIn to build up a reputation for employees who would be taking part in the interview process, helping your potential employees know something about their interviewer.

New Recruitment Tools

Social media is just one way that you can pursue recruitment. There have been plenty of new tools coming out to help recruiters. For example, video is a great tool. You can make films showcasing your company atmosphere and share them online. Series of videos like “a day in the life of” giving potential employees insight into what they can expect.

Data is everywhere, but don’t forget about understanding the data of people. Using psychometric testing can help you identify what type of role certain people may be best suited for. Although it used to be an extremely expensive endeavour, online tools have made it more affordable. Some examples of psychometric tests are:

Using this as part of your recruiting process can help improve your hiring success.

Here at Search Party we use data science to make the process of finding talent easier for companies, recruiters, and job seekers. Leveraging that technology can get the right person, even for a business without an HR department.

SaaS for HR

If you want to keep your HR team small and agile, then look into tech programs that will streamline or automate the more mundane tasks. Teams are increasingly making their paperwork a digital activity, which cuts down on time and errors.


  • Xero – Cloud-based accounting software connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Quickbooks – Designed to manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a small business. The software’s features include marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies, training solutions.
  • Gusto – Pay employees and contractors, obtain workers’ comp and set up health benefits. Entirely online.


  • Zenefits – Cloud based companies for managing their human resources, with a particular focus on helping them with health insurance coverage.
  • Virtual Benefits Administrator – Focused on adding value for clients by eliminating waste. Defining client value as Reducing Cost, Mitigating Risk, and Ease of Use.

Employee Satisfaction

  • Waggl – Simple way to listen to employees, distill insights and make improvements.
  • JobVibe – Automatic weekly data collection means you always have accurate view of how your team are feeling, what’s going well and where there’s room for improvement.

Full Service

  • BambooHR – Consolidate all of your employee information from any location in a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyze, and take action on the data instantly.
  • Workday – On‑demand financial management and human capital management. 

As with hiring a full-time professional, any time you’re making a SaaS purchase, make sure you have a clear vision for what you need from the tool.

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