Fill Roles Faster With New Shortlists

Even though you already save tons of time by hiring through Search Party, there’s still a lot to do when looking for new employees: shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, reviewing recruiter suggestions, etc. We’ve been working hard to make that process as quick and easy as possible for our employer customers. Over the coming months, you’ll see lots of improvements and new features. Our first big change is a massive update to job shortlists. It’s already live so check it out if you’re a current customer, or sign up now for a free account.

What’s new on job shortlists

We’ve redesigned job shortlists so that you can do more:

  • View your job description on the same page as the shortlist
  • Filter candidates by where they are in the hiring process
  • Message recruiters directly from a shortlist
  • Take key actions, such as scheduling interviews or accepting suggestions, all inĀ one place

Employer job shortlist | Search Party recruitment markeplace

For those of you who like interacting with Search Party on a candidate level, no worries. You can still do everything on individual hiring timelines if you like.

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Magda Walczak

Magda Walczak is the Chief Customer Officer at Search Party, the world's first marketplace that connects employers, recruiters and job seekers. She's a passionate supporter of animal rights and author of Saylor's Tale, a children's book promoting responsible pet ownership.

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