Find candidates using networking events

Find candidates - networking events

In the electronic age it is tempting to imagine finding candidates using just the Internet. Indeed, the Internet does offer plenty of awesome tools that make it easier to find, organise, and place candidates from the comfort of your own desk chair. But good, old-fashioned, in-person networking still has a role to play when you look for candidates for your recruitment agency.

Here are three reasons why you need to make time to attend networking events.

Face-to-face relationships build trust.

There’s a reason people still like to interview candidates before offering them a job. People like to see how someone handles questions in real time, present themselves, and people who’ve met in person tend to feel closer to each other.  Since you already know other recruiters are talking to your top candidates, why not use whatever leverage you can to build a great relationship? Taking time to find and meet candidates in person is a time-consuming task. Networking events take out the worry of scheduling individual talks and give you a chance to meet lots of people.

The goal shouldn’t be to try and sign everyone to your agency at the event. It’s about building trust and knowing what a person looks like, is a big step for trust building. Now that you’ve met candidates in person, when you start your email marketing campaign to get them to sign, your name is no longer one of many in a sea of recruitment emails, they can put a face to it. This instantly provides you with more credibility than your online only counterparts.

You get the opportunity to find candidates of all persuasions.

As mentioned above, scheduling one-on-ones when you start trying to find candidates can seem like a daunting, time-sucking task. But if you attend a networking event, you’ll get the chance to meet hundreds of people at once. This is especially true if you attend an industry networking event.

There are events for almost every type of candidate you could possibly represent, from accountants to engineers to graphic designers. Nothing prevents you from going and building up a phenomenal candidate pipeline. Any networking event will also have a great mix of both active and passive job seekers, which means you’ll find a variety of people to match to a variety of opportunities.

The people you meet are typically career-savvy.

Networking is an activity that proactive go-getters engage in. Focusing on these events helps you weed out candidates who are content to send endless resumes to black-hole computer databases. You also get a sneak peek at the kind of first impression this candidate will make when you finally get him in front of an interviewer. There isn’t a phone conversation on the planet capable of providing this type of valuable, high-level insight. And armed with a firsthand look at a candidate’s demeanour, you will be even more successful at placing them in company cultures where they will thrive.

Once you find candidates to represent, Search Party can help you make the most of your connections. With a free account to our online marketplace, your candidates will get a better chance to be seen by top employers from around the world. And the best part is, you’ll save time placing candidates as employers come to you with their requests. No more guessing. No more cold calls.

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