Hire new staff before the holidays – Yes, it’s possible AND easy

With a bit over a month to go before the holidays, as an employer, you’re left with two choices: complete your hiring needs ASAP or wait until the New Year to hire new staff. Whatever choice you make, Search Party recruitment marketplace is here to help. How? Hiring someone on Search Party is freaky fast. We’re currently averaging 17 days for permanent roles with temp roles even quicker than that.
It’s not magic. Here’s a full breakdown to show you how a few hours of your time and the right specialist recruiters can make it not just possible, but super easy.

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1. Put together a quick job description (1 hour)

Since time is of the essence, focus on only the most important stuff.

Start with requirements for previous experience. Are there particular roles your potential new hire should have held in the past in order to be successful in the role you’re hiring for? If not, are there particular roles that would have been helpful? Try to come up with at least a couple relevant past positions.

Next, make a list of all the skills your new employee should have. Put them in two categories: must haves and nice to haves. This forces you to think about what’s essential and what you think your new staff can learn on the job or through training.

Finally, list all the responsibilities your new employee will need to tackle in their new role. While the first two points are key for you to be able to find the perfect candidate, this piece is essential to the job seeker so they can quickly understand whether this is a role they’re interested in. If you’re interested in some more job description tips, check out, “Hiring 101: Writing job descriptions

PRO TIP FOR TEMP ROLES – If you’re looking for temporary holiday staff such as retail staff, warehouse staff, waiters, drivers or office help, this level of detail may not even be necessary. Just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help get you up and running. Sign up for Search Party and an account manager will reach out ASAP to assist you.

2. Search for candidates (30 minutes)

Sign up for a free employer account on Search Party and start searching for candidates right away. Enter the name of the previous role you decided was essential prior experience (see step 1) and then refine the resulting candidate list by skills and other filters important to you. With millions of profiles of job seekers in Australia, UK, US, Canada (and many others!), you’ll definitely be able to find stellar candidates to consider for temp roles or permanent ones. Whenever you see a profile you like, click “add to shortlist” to save those profiles for further review.

PRO TIP FOR MULTIPLE HIRES – Shortlist a few extra people if you want to hire multiple individuals for a role. This gives recruiters on the other side of the marketplace a better idea of the sorts of profiles you’ll consider.

3. Request candidates for interviews (20 minutes)

Take a look at the shortlist you built and decide who looks like someone you want to interview. You can select individuals or everyone on your list. Just click on “request full profile” when you’re ready. Fill in the basics of the job such as location, salary range and job title, paste in the job description you built in step 1 and specify the fee you’re willing to pay for a successful hire. All candidates are pre-screened and verified by recruiters. You don’t have to deal with unsolicited calls about candidates you aren’t interested in, but still get the benefit of a recruiter working for you.

PRO TIP – Select candidates from at least a couple recruiters to take advantage of our recruitment marketplace. Different recruiters have access to different candidates so you increase your chances of hiring quickly if you engage 2-3 recruiters at a time.

4. Interview and hire (3-10 days)

Once recruiters send you details of all the candidates you requested, you can start scheduling interviews, all through the Search Party platform. If you like, you’ll also receive suggestions of other suitable candidates to expand your selection pool. Either way, you manage the whole process online and you can move as fast as you’re able to interview. Easy!

Need help? No problem.

Search Party staff are here to assist you if you get stuck at any point in time. Just register as an employer and as soon as you enter your job brief, a staff member from your geography will check in to see if you need help.

Now go hire your new staff before the holiday arrive!

Start hiring

Magda Walczak

Magda Walczak is the Chief Customer Officer at Search Party, the world's first marketplace that connects employers, recruiters and job seekers. She's a passionate supporter of animal rights and author of Saylor's Tale, a children's book promoting responsible pet ownership.

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