Improve your employer brand in 24 hours

So you’ve come to understand your employer brand is extremely important and you’re ready to make some improvements. Here are some fast, cheap adjustments you can enact in less than a day.

Improve employer brand in just one day

Simplify the application process.

Is your current online application system a giant pain? Maybe replace it with something simpler, like instructions on where applicants can email their cover letters and resumes. Making applicants spend 45 minutes going through pages and pages of finicky forms does little to boost your image as a great company to work for. Also, if you use tools that allow candidates to import a resume or connect via LinkedIn, don’t make them fill out all the same details again. Improve the process!

Start contacting interviewees who didn’t make the cut.

Did you meet with a candidate who you wouldn’t hire in 1,000 years? Remember that person is still a human being and a professional. Don’t leave the applicant guessing. Give them a call to let them know the company has decided to move forward with other candidates so they can move forward with their job search. It will instantly set your company apart as demonstrating exceptional empathy and courtesy. Believe it or not, word does get around.

Contact interviewees you’re still considering.

A quick phone call to tell a candidate he or she is still being considered goes a long way towards maintaining that candidate’s interest. Of course, you do have to live up to your promises if you do this. If you tell the candidate you will have a definite answer in 2 weeks, make sure that’s exactly what happens.

Read your feedback.

Log onto JobAdvisor (if you are based in Australia) or other sites where employees rate employers. Read what they’ve got to say and resist the urge to defend yourself. Instead, look for common themes. All of these criticisms represent areas where your company needs to improve. While it may take you a little longer than 24 hours to create major organisational changes, self-awareness is nevertheless the very first step.

Stop paying lip service to your employees.

Motivational slogans and team-building exercises can’t overcome a terrible work environment. If “rah rah” talk isn’t boosting engagement, perhaps there are other problems. The most common issues? Fear-based environments with thousands of restrictive rules and policies, poor compensation, failure to provide employees with the tools they need to do their job, and micromanagement. A lack of commitment to actually treating customers well hurts too—most employees sympathise with customers a lot more than they sympathise with employers, and they want to do right by them. After all, they’re customers themselves.

Look for a small change you can make right away. Do you make your employees spend 20 minutes in a security line with no compensation? Start compensating them for that time. Do you time bathroom breaks? Stop doing that. Are you asking employees to hit metrics that aren’t actually humanly possible? Adjust those. No doubt you had the best of intentions when you set those policies, but they aren’t doing you any favors.

Develop your Employer Value Statement.

Why should people want to work for you? Why should they want to stay with you? Hint—if the answer is: “they should feel grateful just to have a job!” it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Determine what makes your successful employees so successful.

What do all of your superstars have in common. Is it a high degree of energy? A commitment to active listening? Outside-the-box thinking? Identify those qualities today so you can hire for them in the future.

Obviously it takes more than 24 hours to build a great employer brand.

Building an employer brand is an ongoing process. However, you can use these tips to start moving in the right direction!

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