JobAdvisor reveals Australia’s list of Coolest Companies for 2016

Australian businesses across technology and finance, as well as Aussie SMBs have been recognised for their innovation, work/life balance and diversity agendas

Winners: Canva, World First, Splend and Envato

SYDNEY, November 17, 2016 — Employer branding and reviews platform JobAdvisor (a Search Party Group Limited company) has revealed the winners of their third annual Coolest Companies in Australia competition. The competition recognises companies that offer game changing service, provide unprecedented benefits to employees, foster friendly working environments and are addressing workplace diversity in a meaningful way.

This year JobAdvisor sought out Australia’s coolest companies in four categories: Coolest in Tech, Coolest in Finance, Coolest SMB and Coolest Company for Diversity. Canva, World First, Splend and Envato won each category, respectively. The judging panel was composed of Jodie Baker, Angus Woods, Justin Babet, Jason Shepherd and Ben Hutt.  

The full list of winners and finalists are as follows. More details about the winners are listed below.

Coolest Tech Company

  • Winner: Canva
  • Finalists: Hubspot, 99Designs, Adobe, Adroll, Domain Group, Expedia, Buzinga, Nitro, IE Digital, Lux Group, MYOB, Commonwealth, SiteMinder, Viator, Kiandra, Insentra, Appscore, Vocus Communications, Gumtree

Coolest Finance Company

  • Winner: World First
  • Finalists: SocietyOne, Petsure, ME bank, Commonwealth

Coolest SMB

  • Winner: Splend
  • Finalists: Driveyello, Hardhat Digital, Social Garden, The Network, Beaumont Consulting, 33Talent, Big Wave Digital, Halcyon Knights, Lotus People

Coolest Company promoting Diversity

  • Winner: Envato
  • Finalists: Thoughtworks, Medibank, Commonwealth, Lead Like a Woman, Sportsbet,, WME Group, The Coaching Institute, Xpand Group.

Ben Hutt, CEO of Search Party & JobAdvisor, commented, “This year’s competition clearly showed us a move in many companies towards a more humanised and supportive working environment. Australian employees are looking for companies that live and breathe their values and are going the extra mile when it comes to making them feel good and valued at a professional and personal level.”

One of the strongest trends in this year’s finalists across the categories was fostering a community mindset whereby the office is an extension of employees’ lives, not an isolated aspect of it. Pet friendly environments were also cited frequently as a top benefit, as were flexible working hours and employers that recognised emotional well-being of employees to be as important as physical well-being. Finally, employees praised their companies for access to professional training as well as internal recognition programs.

“Having cool offices isn’t enough anymore. Ping pong tables and friendly kitchens where employees can have lunch are a given. In order to attract and retain top talent, Australian companies – and especially SMBs – need to provide their employees with a supportive environment on both professional and personal levels,” added Hutt.

“The companies awarded by JobAdvisor this year represent the best of the best, and offer an example to other businesses looking to attract and retain employees. Even if Australian SMBs don’t have the budget of the big guys, they can most definitely compete for talent by fostering an inclusive culture that takes care of employees as human beings first,” Hutt said. “At the end of the day, ‘Walking the talk’ when it comes to company values is most important to Aussie employees and what truly makes an employer a Cool Company.”


About the Winners

Canva: Coolest Australian Tech Company

For the second year in a row the online graphic design platform Canva was selected by the jury as the Coolest Australian Tech Company.

This category recognises companies that are dominating their market, have an awesome product, offer a game changing service, have a unique culture, provide unprecedented benefits to employees and/or have an office to die for.

Canva has built a unique ‘vibe’ that encourages each member of the team to look forward to coming to work every day. Their employees are especially appreciative of benefits such as breakfasts and lunches prepared on-site by chefs, the fitness activities made available throughout the week and the strong social cohesion that Canva managed to create and that make the Canva team feel like a family. The company also offers free sessions with professional wellness providers and meditation/mindfulness practice. It’s truly like a home away from home.

World First: Coolest Australian Finance Company

World First, an Australian company that combines specialist knowledge of foreign exchange markets and technical innovation to help businesses and individuals move their money around the world, made it to the top of this new category.

The Coolest in Finance category awards companies in the financial sector who are dominating their market, have an awesome financial product or service offering, provide exceptional service, have a great culture, provide training and development to employees and have an organisational culture that draws people in and keeps them there.

World First won because they provide a very fun, diverse and dynamic work environment, focused on staff satisfaction and personal growth. They offer regular team building, sports and volunteering days, as well as continuous staff training and opportunities for talent mobility. Their employees especially appreciate the company’s commitment to only recruit people that are the right cultural fit. They also feel very supported by their management, resulting in a highly engaged team.

Splend: Coolest Australian SMB

This category, new to the Coolest Australian Companies competition in 2016, awards those companies with 40 employees or less who provide an awesome service or product, are passionate about their offering, and provide a clear vision for developing the business and its staff.

Splend, an Australian SMB offering brand new cars for people who want to work in the rideshare economy with companies like Uber, won the top spot of this category. Key to their success was their culture of innovation and agility, as well as their growth mindset and connection with local community.

Splend managed to perfectly embody the ‘work hard play hard’ culture. As a small business their teams are very busy and need to work hard to achieve the company’s growth objectives. Splend is offering its employees an ‘Anti Alpha’ culture where everyone has their value and and share in the success of the business. Employees are especially enjoying the fun environment created for them, which includes table tennis tables in every office and a regional tournament, and a top gear test track laps board. They value being always rewarded for their hard work, individually and as a team.

Envato: Coolest Australian Company Promoting Diversity

Envato, which was already awarded Coolest Australian Tech Company in 2014 and Coolest Company for Women in 2015 has once again made it to the top of the list in the ‘Diversity’ category in 2016. Making Envato triple crown winner of Australia’s Coolest Companies competition.

Envato really cares about their employees fitting their worklife in with their personal life, with diversity as a major focus both internally and externally.  They launched Melbourne’s first LGBTI technology meetup sponsored by their own “Out Envato” LGBTI alliance group, and publicly share their learnings around diversity culture and importance. Envato also explicitly measures and publicly reports on their own diversity metrics for all to see and places importance on work/parenting balance.

Envato hosts, sponsors and participates in a range of meetups and are focusing on results more than on actual hours spent in the office, which is what make their working environment pretty unique and so much appreciated by their employees. They provide an abundance of learning opportunities from free subscriptions to online courses, a communal Kindle library and regular TED-style Envato talks to inspire their team.

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