March 2014 release notes: Marketplace Recruiters

We are delighted to announce that our latest Marketplace has gone live. There are many new features and innovations to help recruiters place the best candidates quickly and efficiently. In addition to this we have simplified the platform experience so that it is more logical and intuitive.A summary of the changes can be found below, but feel free to contact us directly if you would like one of our team to organise a more detailed run through of the Marketplace.

Easier management of Marketplace requests

The Marketplace vacancy interface allows recruiters to view real-time progress of a vacancy from the candidates tab. If you want to quickly action a proposal you can now do this from the vacancy dashboard page.

New Candidates Tab for Recruiters

Marketplace Messages Tab

We have added a messages tab to Marketplace vacancies allowing you to quickly communicate to an employer, track that communication and encourage them to respond.

Candidate Preview

Recruiters can now preview candidates from the Marketplace tab in your CRM and see how they will profile in the Marketplace. We have improved the prominence of a candidate’s summary profile. We recommend that profiles are kept up to date and re-published on a regular basis so employers have timey and accurate information to hand.

Recruiters can also preview a candidate CV before you reveal the candidate to a client. The platform data will also automatically reconcile duplicate candidate data, but we recommend that you also review the CV. To help with this, we have added a preview option on the reveal. We recommend that you use it to get the best results.

Assign Marketplace Jobs

Recruiters can now assign jobs to people on your team to reduce the ‘noise’ of jobs you are not working on.


As always, we are keen to get your feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the Marketplace, feel free to click the ‘support’ tab and let us know your thoughts.

To ensure the best possible user experience we have removed support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft has long since dropped support for this product and while things will generally work fine, we will not be testing with this very dated browser moving forwards.

If you have not updated your browser or are unsure what version you’re using, please navigate to the link below:
Check your Internet Explorer Version.

See you soon in the next release!


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