Millennials looking to give back through Aged Care held back by Election

Millennials show highest interest for career in Aged Care sector, but vital reform delayed by Senate dissolution

Key findings:

  • 18-24 age cohort shows highest interest in career path
  • Gender makes no difference for younger generations
  • 60% interested in career path for the positive community benefit
  • Senate inquiry into industry ceased to exist after dissolution

A recent survey of over 2,000 Australians conducted by Search Party, a recruitment marketplace for employers and recruiters, found that only 15.66% would consider a career in Aged Care, but surprisingly the highest interest came from the youngest cohort.

aged care

Download the raw data zipfile here.

Millennials have a desire to help others

Over 60% of the people who would consider this career path stated that the main reason they would enter the industry was to give back to the community. Around 11% of these responses also noted that they see the Aged Care sector as a growth industry.

These responses included:

  • Because it’s in high demand and you can give back to the community
  • Helping others in need is gratifying
  • I feel our elderly are often left behind in society, and I value their input in life in general. I have much empathy and respect for people much older than myself. So yes I would consider this.
  • My dad currently receives care and I feel that I should do my part for the society too

Of those that would not consider this career path, around 50% said it was due to either a lack of interest, or a higher interest in a different field.

Approximately 32.5% of respondents said the job would be too difficult for various physical, mental and emotional challenges. Of this group, 25% stated they did not have the patience required for this career path.

  • Hours and pay will not cover bills and mortgage
  • I don’t have patience for that kind of work
  • It’s a very tedious and draining career where the rewards do not meet the effort
  • My girlfriend is in aged care and it just sounds too hard!
  • Probably the perception that it’s too underpaid, and I have a family to support.

Gender makes no difference for younger generation

aged care by gender

Further breakdown of the response data showed that gender made no difference to the youngest cohort, with the male and female responses separated by only 0.01%.

Dissolution ends Aged Care Senate Inquiry to make way for election

The Senate Inquiry into the Future of Australia’s Aged Care Sector Workforce was due to report at the end of June, which aimed to solve problems including:

  • Challenges in attracting and retaining aged care workers; and
  • Factors impacting aged care workers, including remuneration, working environment, staffing ratios, education and training, skills development and career paths;

However, the inquiry “ceased to exist” following the dissolution of the Senate due to the upcoming election. This adds further delay to potential reform that could shift young Australians from considering a career in Aged Care, to making the change.

296 submissions were made to the inquiry during the consultation period. Many of these were large reports providing detailed and data informed responses, for example the submission made by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.

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