Recruiter of the month – IN DEMAND

Recruiter of the Month – IN DEMAND

March 2016, is the month of IN DEMAND Recruitment & Consulting Inc. An Edmonton, Alberta boutique executive search firm specialising in “Meeting the Demands of Employers & Job Seekers Around the Globe”. They meet demands by bridging the gap between skills and opportunities. Their professionalism, speediness, and focus on quality has made them a reputable name in the world of recruiting.

Why IN DEMAND deserves the win

Stefanie and her team are one of our highest performing agencies in terms of placements, time to accepting new roles, and time to suggesting new candidates. They have been professional while engaging with all the employers on Search Party, instilling confidence not only in their own ability, but with Search Party as well. IN DEMAND has been a critical factor to the growth of Search Party in Canada and exemplifies the type of recruitment agency that can be successful in the marketplace.

Make sure to look for the IN DEMAND name when searching for candidates on Search Party.


 Congratulations IN DEMAND! Our recruiter of the month for March 2016.

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