Recruiter of the month – Linkus Group

Linkus Group - Recruiter of the month

Recruiter of the Month – Linkus Group

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Linkus Group is an agency focused on building relationships. Their commitment to their candidates and employers has made Linkus Group a leader in the space of Professional Services Recruitment. By taking sales commissions out of the equation, their staff isn’t there for a quick win, they’re a partner, helping startups and small-to-medium-sized employers throughout the whole hiring process.

Why Linkus Group deserves the win

Speed has been a crucial factor for the success of Linkus Group in making placements through Search Party. They are quick responding to requests from employers. Their speed can be attributed to their great relationships with candidates. Knowing the candidates inside and out means they know the right person for the job, immediately.

By ensuring their candidates are well prepped for interviews, Linkus Group leaves no stone unturned. And the communication doesn’t end at the interview. They continually followup with their candidates right up until the day they start. This level of commitment means employers can rest assured their new hire is eager, knowledgable and ready, right from day one.

Linkus group also remains flexible with their fee. Working with employers to get the

Watch for the Linkus Group logo on candidate profiles when using Search Party for your Professional Services needs in Canada.

Recruiter of the month - Linkus group

Congratulations Linkus Group! Our recruiter of the month for January 2016.

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