Search Party Marketplace updates for recruiters

Over the coming months we’ll be making lots of exciting changes to Search Party Marketplace. We’ve kicked off the changes on the recruiter side with easier large file upload (even for large zip files of CVs!), updated candidate request emails and ability to print job specs. Details below and much more coming soon!

Large File Uploads – great for big batches of CVs

It’s important for recruiters to be able to easily upload any new candidates they represent. Often, our recruiters do this in batches, even gig-sized zip files. To address that need, we’ve built an easy to use CV upload system for recruiters. If a file is unusually large and the user loses their session, they can log back in and resume with the same file so there’s never a need to start over. Users just drag and drop zip files of CVs into their Marketplace interface and the CV parsing begins.

You can find the uploader under CRM –> CV Import.

upload CVs to Search Party recruitment marketplace

Print Job Specs

A small, but useful feature lets recruiters print job specs in two different formats – full details for colleagues (or for yourself) and an abbreviated version for candidates. The latter omits things that are irrelevant to a candidate such as the fees or rebate terms. This option now appears on all your incoming marketplace vacancies.

Print job spec search party recruitment marketplace

Better Candidate Request Emails

Slowly, but surely, we’re making our way through the various emails and notifications that users receive from us. First up – candidate request emails. We’ve spruced up the look and added the key information that a recruiter needs in in order to decide whether the request matches their candidate.

request candidate email - Search Party

More coming soon!

Huge improvements for both employers and recruiters are coming your way over the next few months. Remember – Search Party is free to use for recruiters in Australia, Canada and the UK, so tell your colleagues and they too can benefit from free recruiter CRM tools and qualified inbound leads from employers looking to hire their candidates.

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Magda Walczak

Magda Walczak is the Chief Customer Officer at Search Party, the world's first marketplace that connects employers, recruiters and job seekers. She's a passionate supporter of animal rights and author of Saylor's Tale, a children's book promoting responsible pet ownership.

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