3 recruitment agency myths and why you should dispel them

Recruitment agency myths

There’s an air of mystery about the recruitment agency and staffing world. It causes confusion and frustration for many employers. Maybe you don’t know where to start looking or you’ve been burned by a poor recruitment agency in the past. Like most myths, there is a little bit of truth behind everything, but more often than not, it’s only a few bad eggs causing the issues and leaving great recruitment agencies stigmatised.

We’d like to dispel some of these myths because we think recruiters are pretty great and can be incredibly helpful in streamlining your recruitment process.

Myth #1 – Recruiters only care about the commission

Recruitment agencies that thrive make good money, but the commissions are rarely the reason behind the drive. Good recruiters do it because of their ability and passion for building and maintaining relationships. Understanding a job seekers desires means recruiters go well beyond the skills listed on a resume when looking for your next hire. By building these relationships, recruiters are able to place great candidates in the right jobs. As a result, the employers hiring and the candidates being placed will be happier with the result.

Myth #2 – Recruiters are obnoxious

On some level, recruitment agencies are in sales. They need to make calls to stay on top of the industries they represent, their candidates current job needs, and the needs of employers. But just like good salespeople, a good recruiter is more concerned with building a long lasting relationship than making a quick sale.

With any set of vendors, you’ll have ones that you get excited to hear from and ones you loathe. But, just because you don’t like your current paper rep (any “The Office” fans here?), doesn’t mean you’ll just start driving to all the nearest office supply stores to pick up what you need. You’ll start looking for a new vendor. If you find the recruitment agency (or agencies) that work the best for you, you’ll change your tune when it comes to recruiters.

Myth #3 – Recruiters just use job boards to find your candidate

A great recruitment agency has a great network. This includes active and passive job seekers your company can tap into. If recruiters just worked the job boards, they wouldn’t be able to find and place great candidates. Recruiters attend association meetings, engage on social media, visit job fairs, and much more. And, once they meet potential candidates, they screen and qualify them. That means, when you work with a recruitment agency, you only deal with pre-screened, highly qualified individuals.

Although recruiters may look at job boards to find candidates, they are doing so to meet candidates, not find a candidate for a specific job. This means, they are scouring job boards before an employer ever engages them to fill a position. Even if the original introduction was through a job board, a recruitment agency will have still taken the same steps to screen and qualify the candidate. As an employer, this means you aren’t just paying someone to google candidates, you’re paying someone to understand the position and needs you require then use their established network to present you with candidates you’ll love.

Bonus: Myth #4 – A recruitment agency costs too much

There is a cost associated when doing business with a recruiter, but weighted against the opportunity costs of searching for candidates and sunk costs of a bad hire, a recruiter can provide a great long-term return. What you are really paying for are the relationships a recruitment agency has built up with candidates. In the same vein as a consultant has a fee based on experience, knowledge, and actual work provided, recruitment agencies value stems from their network, understanding of an employers needs, and time spent preparing candidates.

At Search Party we are trying hard to not just dispel these myths, but eliminate the root causes of them. We let our employers set the fee and pick the candidates on our recruitment marketplace. This means you get a great, recruiter represented candidate for a great price. Sign up for a free account today and harness the power of a recruitment agency and hire better.

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