10 staff perks to please employees

10 perks for keeping staff engaged

Employees are your best asset. Finding a great employee requires a combination of skills and cultural match, but perks can also be a great retention tool for your employees. We scoured the web to find some of the best and most interesting perks you can think about implementing for your staff.

  1. Laundry services – Whether you have a dress code or not, providing free laundry services is a huge time saver for your employees.
  2. Ping Pong table – A new staple for most tech companies, a ping pong table is a cheap way for your staff to get to know each other, unwind, and have a little friendly competition.
  3. Paid charity holiday – Help your staff give back. Patagonia gives their employees two weeks off to work for the green charity of their choice.
  4. Free food – Now even if you aren’t Google providing your staff with free meals every day, you can do something special like NewAge Industries. After being at the company for five years, they provide their employees with a yearly gift card for $720 to be used at the historic William Penn Inn.
  5. Global travel – Do you believe that travel can make for a better you? LoadSpring Solutions does. And they show it by offering employees up to $5,000 off and an extra week off if they travel abroad.
  6. Time off during the day – It may seem a little crazy to some, but the simple fact of being able to run to the store or the post office during your work day is not a perk for everyone. This little boost of trust can reduce employee stress by giving them enough time to get things accomplished and boost morale.
  7. Gym Membership – Healthy employees require less time off. This perk really helps out employees and the company.
  8. Profit sharing – The idea is simple. Give your staff a part of the profits and they’ll work harder to increase them, but it’s more than that. Profit sharing provides transparency and provides a shared objective for all your employees.
  9. Childcare – Having onsite childcare for your employees is not for everyone and is an expensive perk to institute. But, if you have the resources, it’s a huge benefit to your staff. One that not only shows your commitment to family, but also helps keep employees stress free with the knowledge they can run downstairs and see their little ones.
  10. Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) – A few years ago, this idea would seem ludicrous, and for many companies, it still is. But Unlimited PTO has seem some success. Lendio, a company focused on small business loans, believes this works because of trust. If you show your employees trust in choosing when they can take time off, you get employees who are loyal and stick around.

Does your company use any of these perks? What other things have you found useful for your employees? Leave us a note in the comments below.

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