Why it’s easier to succeed in sourcing than you might think

Sourcing success

If you are a recruiter who has begun to accept that sourcing candidates is perhaps the biggest and most important part of the job, then you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. The industry is still debating what sourcing actually is, and it may be difficult to wrap your head around what you’re supposed to be doing on a day to day basis. You may be unsure whether you’re sourcing or simply wasting your entire day on LinkedIn, for example.

Fortunately, sourcing is actually relatively simple and straightforward. And easy to do. This is great news, because nothing is going to do more to forward your recruiting career this year.

Sourcing is simple.

Sourcing is nothing more than a proactive way to fill your candidate pipeline before openings arise. While it may start with LinkedIn or even a Google search, it doesn’t end there. You source when you get in touch with professionals, get to know a bit about their background, and form a relationship with them. You may also feel out whether they’re tentatively open to exploring the right opportunity.

Keeping track of these relationships and keeping information about the people you meet in one place will help you tap into helping them at any time.

The information is out there.

People tell the world a great deal about their personality, values, and culture every day. You can use social media – surfing on Facebook and Twitter – to gain hints about whether an employee is likely to become a good cultural fit. You can scour job databases to pull up resumes before you ever have to reach out to the candidate. Candidates may post blogs, portfolios or presentations which showcase their professional ability.

In short, you can get a great picture of who this candidate is before you ever reach out to them, which means you can spend your efforts getting to know the best of the best.

Most professionals know they can’t rely on a single employer.

Most of today’s professionals are under no illusions about their boss or their company having any particular loyalty to them. They know they can’t afford to exercise misplaced loyalty in their employers either. Many consider themselves to be a “product,” and many popular blogs are advising them to be the “CEOs of their own career.” Others tell them that everyone is a freelancer or a consultant; getting a job is really just a matter of landing one very big client that takes up all of their time.

Whether this change is for good or for ill is largely irrelevant. It means that even the most entrenched professional has his eye on other opportunities if they’re smart. Today’s job seeker is fluid, flexible, and ready for anything…and they’re not going to turn down any conversation that could help them stay competitive in today’s tough job market.

Mobile recruiting circumvents scheduling hassles and facilitates stealth job searches.

Gone are the days when an employee needs to make elaborate excuses or sneak out of work for an interview—at least, if you make an effort to use mobile recruiting tools. This means it’s easier than ever to get hiring managers and employees into the same “place.” If you can get all parties to embrace interviews-via-mobile phone or video conference, certain barriers to the discussion are lifted; current location becomes less of an issue, for example. If you are recruiting talent for remote jobs, this may be the only way to communicate.

And because the stealth job search just got that much easier, employees are far more willing to risk talking to you and finding out what you have to offer.

Search Party takes sourcing from the theoretical to the practical.

Have you sourced some great candidates lately? The next step is to upload their backgrounds into Search Party. Their personal information is completely hidden. Employers search and our powerful algorithm serves up their anonymised profiles. Only when an employer requests their profile and negotiated a fee do you show any information. It’s a Win-Win for everyone that has the potential to change the way we all do business.

So go on. Put on your sourcing hat and start meeting some great people. You could be building the foundation for your most productive year yet.

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